I guess I will remember for the rest of my life the day Susan and I snuck into the cellar and tried our first cigarettes, some stolen Lucky Strike non filters from her grandfather. I remember how cool I felt taking my first puff and how green I turned even before I managed to exhale. Susan became a smoker. I never tried it again, of course now I wouldn’t bother, why try to like something that could kill you… but what if it wouldn’t?

Phillip Morris, the biggest and definitely the most well known tobacco company, is poised to sell a brand new type of cigarette, that they suggest will pose a much lower health risk than traditional cigarettes, all by the year 2017. If smoking posed less of a threat, would you still try to quit?

Phillip Morris is currently developing three brand new products that would be sold under one of their already existing brand names such as Marlboro, and it seems like the best of their 3 new concepts may be a seemingly simple one, heat the tobacco rather than burn it, or generate some kind of aerosol that could still be inhaled.

These cigarettes are meant to provide the same feeling including the nicotine jolt that users currently get from their traditional pack of smokes, but without the direct path to lung cancer, heart disease and emphysema that currently comes from lighting up.

The heated-tobacco device should pass clinical testing soon and then production of these lower-risk cigarettes would probably start in around 3 to 4 years. This isn’t big tobaccos first foray into safer cigs… but 2 previous versions of so-called healthier smokes crashed and burned, if these new cigarettes really were safer, would you be tempted?


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