MacTrast Says iPhone 5 Also Heading to T-MobileMinor league rumor cottage MacTrast claims the iPhone 5 will hit T-Mobile, according to “a contact within T-Mobile who claims to have been briefed on the matter.” A dubious source from a no-name site—but it makes sense!

With Sprint also rumored to be getting iPhone access, T-Mobile isn’t surprising either—it’s more of a why not question than anything else. This would put the iPhone 5 in the hands of every single major US carrier—it doesn’t make sense to deprive T-Mobile. This could also be a sign that Apple’s a little skeptical of AT&T’s acquisition ambitions. Maybe the buyout’s inevitable, but it could drag on. At any rate, the more carriers, the better—spread out the network congestion so it doesn’t take 15 minutes for me to download my email. [MacTrast via MacRumors]

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