I love the idea of having everyday things with a twist. I mean, how many objects that we need or use everyday are actually any fun? How many of these objects do we even notice anymore? I have dozens of lamps around my home and I’d be hard pressed to successfully describe any one of them in great detail… well, maybe the one my mom gave me for a birthday, the rest are lovely, but who pays attention anymore?

You wouldn’t be able to forget this one, the Floating Lamp from designer Angela Jansen, and developed by Ger Jansen, a mechanical and electrical engineer, these spectacular Floating Lamps create a highly unusual visual effect, and should be guaranteed to generate more conversation than any other lamp in your house.

So its a useful lamp, that looks like an optical illusion, with a traditional look and feel, and a decidedly high tech spin. The folks that make these lamps point out that even after you know how it works, it is still fascinating to behold, and I can see that being quite true.

The lamps employ the very latest LED and electromagnetic technology, and are extremely low in power consumption, so eco friendly as well. Both the Silhouette and Eclipse floating lamp models are perfectly practical lamps that can even be dimmed for more romatic moments. To read more about the technology, or to see videos, please visit floating-lamps.com or just go ahead and get one, for around 1300 bucks.

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