Malfunctioning Cake Ruins Party and Spews Liquor All Over Rich People Sea-raping mega-oil firm Shell has a new rig to launch, and like any enormous company, it decided to celebrate with a private party atop Seattle’s Space Needle. The crown jewel? An oil rig-shaped cake which sprays liquor! Into your face.

This video was captured by a sneaky environmentalist who crept into the fete uninvited—as you can see when a Shell goon asks him to get the hell out and hand over his phone. Who ever hands over their phone in these cases? Nobody. And we’re glad, because now we get to see some oil Barbara Bush clone get doused with an alcoholic simulacrum of a crude geyser from the scale model edible derrick, straight in the bread basket. Rich old people being soaked with things: always funny, forever and always. [TreeHugger]

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