Summer is here and I can smell the steak sizzling on the grill. Of course first, I had to smell the aroma of lighter fluid in the air, and feel that brief second of fear as squirt a little extra accelerant on the fire in order to get it going faster… pushing the vision of fire traveling up the stream and lighting my hands on fire, out of my mind, I persevere and I am ready to grill.

Well,I haven’t tried it, but the Mango Looft may be just the thing for a carefree summer barbecue season. This nifty little electronic fire starting gun allows you to light your fire (wood or charcoal) in 60 seconds or less, with no lighter fluid required.

The Mango Looft can also be used to speed up the heating of your fire, you know, that downtime you spend with your burgers in hand, waiting for the coals to be just the right shade of orange, while you and your family slowly starve to death.

The Looft works by blowing super heated air (1,256 F to be exact) that within 15 seconds will produce lively sparks, continuous heating of that same area will produce a roaring fire, faster, cleaner and more safely than the old way, plus your ribs won’t taste like jet fuel.

The Mango Looft is available at for under 73 bucks and it comes equipped with a safety casing that quickly cools to the touch, a 10 foot cord, and a cool built in bottle opener. Sounds like it could work. Has anyone tried one of these, or one like it?


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