There are times when you are working late into the night, and since you live in a one-bedroom apartment with very little space and have a wife who is totally bummed out after a long, hard day at work, it makes sense not to disturb what little sleep she will be getting. So what happens when you need to work late into the night? Apart from getting one of those silent keys keyboards, you might also want to switch off the room’s lights – and just settle in your little enclave with the Mantis LED Desk Lamp. Yes sir, this $24.99 purchase can be clipped on just about anywhere, so we are suggesting placing it right on top of your monitor so that it can shine down on your desk area, letting you see where your fingers are going to dance over the QWERTY keyboard or not.

Since the Mantis is battery powered (by a couple of AA batteries) and is tiny enough to tote around, this is useful for those who do a lot of traveling as well. The two AA batteries are able to deliver around 30 hours of light. Heck, it even goes green by turning itself off after a couple of hours in order to conserve energy – how about that?

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