Marine Industry Environmental Responsibility

Marine Industry

Marine Industry Environmental Responsibility

The marine industry’s importance in the global economy cannot be overstated; however, it also poses significant risks to our world’s oceans. Climate change and pollution are topics that are currently rising to the forefront in the news and in the minds of citizens. Laws are being passed to hold the shipping industry increasingly accountable for the environmental damages accidents, spills, and daily operations cause. Taking responsibility for preventative and reactive measures is critical to maintaining ecosystem health.

Cleaning Up the Oceans

Shipping companies have a responsibility when it comes to preserving the ocean environment. The following steps are critical measures for doing your part:

  • Make the switch to cleaner fuels with lower levels of sulfur, nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxides and particulates
  • Ensure onboard refuse and recycling is disposed of properly
  • Manage ballast water to reduce invasive species transfer
  • Do not discharge blackwater, greywater or other toxic substances into the ocean

When accidents or spills occur, it is imperative to respond quickly to manage the damage. Many organizations and industries are working together to protect the ocean. The spill response efforts from WQIS demonstrate how important effective interventions are in preventing serious harm in marine environments. Partnering with proactive agencies not only helps the shipping industry remain accountable, but it also reduces the negative impacts it has on an invaluable natural resource many take for granted.