For those who have had a taste of Mario Party before, you know just how much fun the game was in its many iterations across different consoles, be they portable or home-based models. Of course, the “more the merrier” adage applies here beautifully, as playing with a computer opponent just lacks that edge of competitiveness, especially when a computer remains numb to your cussing.

What about Mario Memory? Well, you can say that a video game has been brought to the real world. What was once known as a concentration game, the $15.99 Mario Memory takes the popular plumber’s franchise and makes it physical. It is hoped that you will have a better time bonding with your family via this game, not to forget helping you (and everyone else’s) memory improve.

It doesn’t matter if you have no friends, you can always opt to go up against yourself if you so desire, but where’s the fun in that? There are 54 chance cards featuring your favorite Mario characters & scenery, while 20 item cards will add a whole new fun game mechanic. How’s your memory after giving this game a go?

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