When it comes to pedal power, you really do not have that much choice in terms of how fast you are going to go. After all, a whole lot of it depends on you making the effort to cycle as hard and as fast as you can to max up your speed. Of course, unless you are talking about a bicycle with an electric engine that will help you move as fast as possible without assistance from your legs. Enter the Marrs M-1 bicycle that intends to be the Harley Davidson of bicycles.

Anaheim-based Marrs Cycles is proud to announce that their Marrs M-1 most probably has far more in common with a customized Harley Davidson, compared to other stuff that are put out by Specialized or Trek. Company founder Kacy Marrs, he who has a background in riding a range of both bicycles and motorcycles, as well as his business partner, Brad Fanshaw, who did run a company which constructed truly one-of-a-kind hot rods, do have something interesting for the future with the Marrs M-1 bicycle.

Similar to Fanshaw’s cars, the Marrs M-1s are constructed in a built to order format. What I am saying is, the specifications will all be different, depending on what the user wants. After all, money is your limit. When you translate it to plain English, it would mean the specifications is able to differ from bicycle to bicycle, depending on what your wants are. Rechargeable lithium battery packs will be at the heart of the Marrs M-1, which is used to juice up a three-phase brushless rear hub motor. Just what kind of performance can this puppy pack? Well, the smallest pack of them all is capable of churning out 20 amp hours, which on paper, it enables a 175-pound (79kg) rider to travel up to 20 miles (32 km) on a single charge – without the need to pedal.

The Marrs M-1 bike has a top motorized speed of 20 mph (32 km/h). After all, anything that is speedier, it would not be able to legally be classed as an electric bicycle for the US market. Marrs mentioned that his company has already come up with personal test bikes which will be able to exceed that speed. After all, Marrs said that he did bring the Marrs M-1 for a test drive at approximately 30 mph (48 km/h). You might need to fork out a minimum of $7,000 if you are thinking of getting one of these puppies for yourself.


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