I think that we all know that construction toys like Lego are loved by adults as well as children, and they are quite educational.

Unlike the Nanodots, the Cubelets are a construction toy designed with children in mind, and they are here to teach kids a little something about building and programming. Each of the Cubelet blocks have some intelligence and functionality built right in.

The starter Cubelets kit has 20 blocks, and you can see what my Source says about them after the jump.

Like action blocks (drive, rotate, speaker, flashlight & graph), sense blocks (knob, brightness, distance & temperature) and think/utility blocks (inverse, minimum, maximum, battery, passive & blocker) which sit in-between and affect how the action and sense blocks interact. So instead of having to specifically program your creation to behave a certain way, you just assemble the Cubelets you think it will need, and then watch how it behaves on its own.

Not to be too much of a nitpick, but I have seen building toys which mechanical parts before. Although this would be the first that I have seen where it would appear that every block is mechanical.

The Cubelets were created by a company called Modular Robotics, and of the 100 beta kits they have created, they are already sold out. That’s pretty good considering these kits run about $300.


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