Meet the LED Volleyball-Basketball-Tennis Court of the FuturePainted lines? Where we’re going we don’t need any painted lines. We’ll have reconfigurable LED lines, because this is the future we’re talking about, and those little lights are almost cheap enough to use everywhere, including beneath our sneakered feet.

Soon we’ll see this technology deployed to high school gyms across the land, and that will be fine and dandy, because the mish-mash of lines that currently clutter up gymnasiums confused me to no end when I was a high school athlete back in the day.

Currently, the apparent leader in this technology is a Dutch company called LEDSSPORTS. The lines can be made visible or invisible depending on the sport, which will lead to at least a slight decrease in the confusion that naturally forms during a high school sporting event.

As with all things futurisitcally whimsical, price and availability are coming soon. [Gizmag]

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