Some of you might remember when we went hands-on with the iHorn, a stand/speaker that essentially uses no electricity, but relies on natural acoustics for louder sound.

Think of it like the big horn on those old gramophones. We all know that the iPhone speaker is pretty diminutive, so we could use a little amplifier that works like one of those giant Bavarian horns on the mountaintops.

Yes, this is definitely an energy-saver, and here is another illustration: one of those gigantic cones that cheerleaders yell into. I don’t have any stats on how high the volume goes to, but in comparison to the iPhone speaker, think of it as turning it up to…I don’t know, fifteen?

We all need to use items that use less power, and the more we can conserve, the better. If you have a room that needs a stereo, and you have an iPhone, you might as well find a solution that uses as little power as possible.

Okay, now here is the bad news, it costs about $540. Did you really think that something this large and requires a major rearranging of furniture would cost the price of an iPod dock? I don’t know the answer to that one either.


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