I always find a bit of a disconnect when I send gifts directly to a recipient from a website. The same kind of feeling I get when I choose to give a gift card, for whatever reason, either act seems to impart a feeling of uncaring, like I didn’t take the time to think of the person, and just haphazardly took the quick and easy way out. (even if I didn’t) It would be nice if you could send a gift with a more personal touch, you know, to let those you care about really know how much they mean to you, but somehow a generic brown box doesn’t quite cut it.

There’s now a service called MessagesWithGifts, a San Francisco based new business start-up, that is offering retailers’ the ability to give their gift-buyers the option of  recording a voice or video message with each and every purchase. Directions on how to access the message, including a personalized pin number, go with each gift to the intended recipient. So when the gift and the message arrive together, its almost as good as you being there to say I’m thinking about you.

So forget the little business card sized note that says I love you with your flowers, and gone are the days your mom gets that neat electronic device that she has no idea what it does, simply let MessagesWithGifts say it for you. The company makes it easy for consumers to record the messages, and just as simple for the recipient to retrieve them and what an easy way to propose marriage, from far away, with no fear of face to face rejection!

The service brings an added emotional element to both buying and receiving items from almost any vendor that subscribes to the service, and stores can charge a premium for it  – so I would expect to see this service, or something very similar, at retailers soon. For more information for your shop or business, please visit MessegesWithGifts.com.


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