The Micro Mosquito Helicopter 3.0 is said to be world’s smallest, lightest, quietest, fully-functional RC helicopter. Now those a re a whole lot of superlatives when it comes to describing it, and we are glad to say that you can drop £49.99 for this puppy, as it is now available over at the gadget mavens known as Firebox. Just in case you are in need of spare rotors, those will cost you £7.99 a pop. Playing with it is a wonder, as it tips the scales at just 15 grams, despite being so small that it is capable of taking off from your palm as well as land on it. Hopefully your piloting skills would be up to snuff, though.

The counter-rotating blades on the Mosquito make it extremely manoeuvrable, and once you have managed to get the hang of its twin-toggle, digital proportional transmitter, you won’t have any issue handling this like a boss. It does not matter whether you are trying to have it go up, down, hover around, move forwards, backwards, left or right – it will obey your every command like magic.

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