Mimoco is back with four new USB flash drives that cater for DC Comics fans – as you can take your pick from Batman, Superman, Bane and The Flash, as part of the Batman “The Dark Knight Rises Edition”. These will start from $19.99 upwards, and will max out at 64GB of storage space within. Needless to say, all of these brand-new designs will be accompanied by bonus media alongside Mimory and mimoDesk suites of screensavers, avatars, and wallpapers.

You know something that is funny? I just cannot help but fall in love with The Flash flash drive – no, that is not a typo or a repeat of a word on purpose, but rather, it just describes the flash drive aptly while being all punny. This is the ultimate self-referential flash drive of all time, but do not expect it to send and retrieve data at the speed of light though, as it is still limited by the USB port’s speed that it is plugged into.

Press Release

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