As schools strive to create a safe and productive learning environment for students and teachers, they also face a unique set of risks. It is so important that school boards and administrators purchase quality public school insurance in Indiana. Doing so will help protect their organization against financial surprises that could otherwise interfere with the entire operation.


The Risks Schools Face Are Unique


The types of risks school systems encounter are different from other employers. Typically they have a lot of property and maintain extensive facilities. They may operate a fleet of buses, vans, and/or trucks. Schools must also protect their students from harm and ensure a positive work environment for their teachers and staff. Accidents and lawsuits can arise in relation to each of these characteristics.


Look for Experience and Customization When Shopping for Insurance


When it comes to public school insurance in Indiana, school administrators should look for providers who have a proven track record of working with similar organizations. Insurance companies with experience serving this niche market will be best able to assess their risk exposure and assemble an insurance package that fully meets their needs. Coverage might include:


  • Employment liability
  • General liability
  • Sexual abuse and molestation protection
  • Property and auto liability


A particular combination of coverage types will best protect the interests of a particular school system.


After purchasing public school insurance in Indiana, administrators can rest easy that their organization’s interests are protected.