Mobli Is a Camera App That Uses Photo Filters Smarter Than InstagramMobli is a camera app/photo sharing service that does a lot more than everyone’s current fav Instagram. There’s channels that allow you to see pictures from people, pictures by places and pictures tied to a topic/current event.

Along with that, Mobli offers a full fledged website ( that lets you see all the pictures posted. It’s like a real photo sharing service! What’s really smart though, is that in its latest update, Mobli will apply filters to your pictures on their servers. That means less strain on your phone, more life for your phone’s battery.

As awesome as that sounds though, here’s the not-so-secret about photo sharing networks: all that really matter is how many of your friends are using it. So no matter how good Mobli’s tech is (and it’s outstanding!), if everyone is on Instagram, well, everyone is on Instagram. Mobli is definitely on the right path but to really get there they’ll need to put out apps on other platforms so they can steal Instagram’s thunder. [iTunes via TechCrunch]

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