In this day of Facebook and Twitter, what is the need for Morse Code? After all, the Boy Scouts even have a Robotics badge now to keep up with the times, and how many of you are going to get stranded on an island with no help in sight, requiring you to send SOS signals in Morse Code?

Still, it is better to be safe than sorry, which is why the Morse Code Signal Lamp is still in business. Faithful to the original Morse code signal lamp which delivered discreet intra-fleet communication by the British Navy of yore, this 13 1/2″-diameter Morse code signal lamp comes with seven louvers in front of the bulb which can open and close to emit a solid beam or filtered light for customizable illumination in a home.

The aluminum lamp head will be mounted on a solid aluminum cast bracket, accompanied by a couple of brass knobs which will tilt the lamp up to 45º, a feature which ships utilized in order to project light pulses onto clouds to communicate with vessels beyond the horizon. Its brass handle will control the louvers, while the lamp head swivels around in 360º of movement, alongside the polished aluminum tripod that is supported by a trio of solid brass feet.

One light bulb up to 100-watts will replace the original carbon arc lamp, so this needs to be plugged into AC to work. The asking price? A rather hot $1,300.

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