Moshi Concerti case targets iPad 2 owners

Moshi Concerti case targets iPad 2 owners

So you managed to line up and pick up an iPad 2 despite the extremely limited stock in the market, how are you going to differentiate yourself from the rest of the iPad 2 owners out there? Apart from having it come with a custom engraving on the back, there is another way, to use stickers or protective cases that are truly unique. Then again, all cases out there do not come as an exclusive, so you might just bump into someone else who shares the same taste with you.

Moshi knows this, but that has not stopped them from coming up with the Concerti Case for the iPad 2. The Moshi Concerti is a silicone and microfiber hybrid case which will deliver extreme versatility with unparalleled elegance to iPad 2 owners.

Specially tailored to offer users a sleek case which does not gimp your access to the iPad 2 in any way, the Moshi Concerti will let you use all interfaces and buttons without missing a beat, in addition to both the front and rear cameras from within the case. Basically, this means you can take advantage of programs such as FaceTime without having to remove the iPad from its case, neat, no?

Apart from that, the Moshi Concerti has another use – to work as an iPad stand with a trio of tilt positions to choose from. The Moshi Concerti for iPad 2 will sport a silicone inner case that ensures the iPad remains in place all the time, while an outer microfiber layer will deliver a soft suede-like feel. It has its own patented Terahedron microfiber inner lining that delivers superior 360 degree shock and scratch protection.

Heck, it even comes with an integrated hand pocket which will alleviate wrist stress whenever you hold the iPad for long periods of time, while an elastic strap will secure the front cover when it is closed. Since this is a Moshi product, it will offer a perfect fit when playing nice with a Moshi iVisor screen protector. You can choose from Tyrian Purple, Falcon Grey and Sahara Beige colors at $55 a pop.

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