Own an iPhone 4 and are extremely proud of it? Come on now, there is no denying the fact that you got the phone primarily for its looks, not to mention the fact that you have the best application store on earth for mobile devices at the moment, never mind that the Android Market is making noticeable strides, but not quite big ones yet to catch up with the famous App Store.

In order to make sure that your precious iPhone 4 remains safe and sound from nasty and accidental scratches, along comes Moshi with their iVisor AG that will target iPhone 4 owners specifically, making it available in 1,400 national AT&T Wireless stores. Now that’s a whole lot of stores across the country, so you ought to be able to pick one up without a problem.

According to Steven Reymond, Sr. Manager of Business Development at Moshi, “Our presence in all AT&T retail outlets cements our commitment to the Apple community. This presents the Moshi brand with a new opportunity to bring its exceptional products to a wider audience and strengthen the brand relationship between our brand and Apple product users.”

iVisor AG for iPhone 4 was specially designed in a precise manner just for the iPhone 4 so that it will be able to protect the beautiful Gorilla Glass display without causing any obstruction. Moshi’s iVisor is touted to be a one-of-a-kind screen protector which features Moshi’s own proprietary design, and to sweeten the deal, it boasts of being the only screen protector on the market which can be removed, is re-usable and 100% bubble-free. Now that’s a guarantee.

The iVisor takes a few seconds to install, and in just four easy steps. Apart from that, Moshi also guarantees that installation of the iVisor AG is always a 100% bubble-free affair, and with Moshi’s new polymer adhesive, you can rest easy knowing that repeated cleaning and re-application if but a given. Thanks to the iVisor’s multilayer construction and engineering, it delivers excellent scratch/smudge resistance without sacrificing touchscreen sensitivity and feedback.

Interested? You can always pick up the iVisor AG for iPhone 4 for a mere $25, now think of it as an investment for your precious handset, considering you have already forked out a small fortune for it.

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