You know how it is, with the number of psychos running around these days who just can’t wait to jump upon children at any and every chance, and with the advent of the Internet, this has become a whole lot easier to do. Well, that doesn’t mean companies out there are unable figure out a way to stop the rot – might just be able to step in and help. For instance, they have already opened up for beta registration, where this revolutionary patent-pending online security service is touted to offer protection to children from vulgar, sexual or bullying emails, text messages and social networking interactions. This service is free just in case you are wondering, as parents are given the freedom to screen emails as well as text messages while monitoring other online activity of their progeny for questionable or objectionable content. is also touted to be the only messaging platform that flags and blocks messages containing offensive, bullying or sexually-suggestive language – and doing so before the child receives them, without blocking up the channel of communication with approved contacts. The fully-operational beta phase has already rolled out since January 6th alongside a bunch of other new services that were specially designed to create a safe digital environment for children.

As mentioned earlier, the Active Email Filtering and Active Text Filtering services of are readily available free for parents. Regardless of whether it is text messages or emails, either one that contain inappropriate, suggestive or threatening words or phrases are automatically blocked. Text messages and emails from unapproved senders will also be held “in transit” so to speak, for parental screening before being delivered to a child’s device. You know how we feel about this – technology can only protect your little ones so much, and it is still up to the onus of parents to work something out and bring up their kids in the right way without transferring the responsibility over to someone else.

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