A while ago, we covered a certain iPod nano accessory known as the iStick. Its purpose was to lock your iPod nano on your clothes, so you could listen to your tunes while jogging or whatever kinetic activity you were doing.

That was back when iPod nanos were thin and slender, but now there is a new accessory for the iPhone or iPod simply known as the Move. It is designed to hold your iDevice to your clothes without velcro, straps, clips, or magnets of any type.

It works by putting half of the Move behind your clothes, and attach the other half to your iDevice. These two pieces can then snap together to form a secure place for your iPod or iPhone to travel along with you on your attire.

The Move does sound like a very handy iPhone accessory, but it is not yet available. No, this is one of these Kickstarter projects and it is looking for about $25,000 in funding. I’m sure it is gaining funds as we speak.

I wish the creator had chosen a better name for the product. Not only is the Move too everyday a word to name a product after, but Sony has already used it for a PS3 accessory.


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