Hearing is one of the most fragile gifts that living creatures possess, yet it is one that they usually take for-granted. There is one company that understands the value of hearing, and it is MSA Sordin. MSA Sordin is a remarkable company based in Sweden, who, in 1989 created protective headgear to help preserve the hearing of woodcutters. They have continued to improve upon these headsets over the years, and, today, are among the leading provider of hearing protection available. Before looking at how this inventive headset works, it is useful to have a basic understanding of how hearing works.

Hearing is based on movement, and sound is created through vibration in matter. The faster the vibration is, the higher the pitch is, and the lower the vibration, the lower the pitch. Amplitude, or, volume, is determined by the level of air pressure in each fluctuation in the vibrations.

The outer, cup-shaped part of the ear is called the pinna, and it is used to catch these vibrations and send them into the tympanic membrane, or, the eardrum. The vibrations, or, sound waves, vibrate the eardrum, which sends the vibrations to the cochlea, or, inner ear. The cochlea, in turn, translates the sound waves into electrical information that the brain is able to recognize as sound. The organ of corti is a structure containing thousands of tiny hairs, which lay across the length of the cochlea. These hairs do not move until they detect sound, and when they do, they release an electrical impulse to the cochlea nerve, which sends it to the cerebral cortex, and has the brain interpret them. Loud sounds require more hairs to move, and exposure to very loud sounds begins to damage the hairs, and that is what causes hearing loss. This is where MSA Sorbin comes to the rescue. MSA Sordin

This company has developed headsets that use a special gel, which creates a soft cushion, and tight seal between the headset, and the ears. There is a foam separator that works in concert with the gel, and prevents sound from getting through to the ear. These headsets can be worn directly on the head, or, can be mounted on a helmet. They are even able to be worn under a ballistic helmet.

Not only has MSA Sordin created this wonderful hearing-saving device, they have added plenty of remarkable features. These headsets, while cutting out sound, still allow warning signals to be heard, and if there is a weak signal, they amplify it. They include a battery save function, and also have an aux input for MP3. This level-dependent hearing protection costs between 149.00, to 249.00 dollars, when you consider how fragile the science of hearing is, it can be considered a very level investment.

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