Museum Is Literally Spitting Out Burned Exhibits

For his latest exhibit at the Museum of Moving Image in New York City, Berlin-born artist Aram Bartholl has installed a DVD burner into the side of the museum itself.

The slot-loading device is practically invisible to the ignorant eye—identifiable only by the thin slit cut into the building’s brick facade, through which blank DVDs may be popped in and burned with Bartholl’s work. Part of the art is finding this secret spot to begin with!

DVD Dead Drop, as it is called, is not Bartholl’s first attempt at playing with hidden technology and installation art; in past, the artist cemented USB thumbs drives into city walls and curbs, from which citizens could download art onto their own USB compatible devices. His work is largely about using automated platforms to dispense digital culture to the public at all times, day and night.

DVD Dead Drop is an ongoing exhibition at the museum. Its opening reception was this evening. [MOMI via PSFK]

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