Most stuff, when miniaturized, tend to look extremely cute – which is why you have tons of toy breed dogs out there, not to mention everyone going bananas when they first watched “Honey, I Shrunk The Kids” all those decades ago. Well, in the 21st century, technological advancements have certainly made it very possible to churn out its fair share of miniaturized devices that are cute as a button – case in point, the £19.99 Music Monsters that comes in a choice of the Black Ninja, Blue Monster, Hellboy or Smiley Panda.

Not only are they cute, some of them can be creepy as well, where the miniature speakers boast the artwork of graffiti artists Pariz One and Dolaso. Definitely far more exciting to look at compared to the standard pair of portable speakers, they are also portable enough to be attached to your keys. All you need to do is plug your compatible device into the Music Monster’s posterior, followed by hitting the Play button, and you are good to go, letting the built-in 2.5W speaker rip for portable audio. The integrated rechargeable battery will deliver approximately 4 hours of playing time.

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