I have used BlueAnt products before like the Q1 headset, and currently use the T1 Bluetooth headset every time that I make phone calls. However, there are some of us that don’t like putting the thing in our ear to make a hands-free call when we are behind the wheel, but the speaker on our cellular phone might not be good enough.

I can only assume that this is why the S3 Speakerphone was made. It comes with a clip for the visor, and designed for making and taking calls while on the road. Considering all the accidents that are the direct result of distracted driving (not just by texting), it’s good to know there are devices for those who hate Bluetooth headsets.

Of course, there are a lot of Bluetooth speakerphones on the market, but what makes the S3 interesting is that it has a vibration sensor, so it knows when the driver is in the car. As soon as the driver gets in the car, his or her phone pairs up, and calls can be made with just a touch. When calls are received, the user/driver can just say “Answer” or “Ignore” to take or not take the call. The user also has the option of listening to podcasts, music and GPS directions.

All in all, a very handy gadget to have around. You should be able to purchase it for a price of $54.27 on Amazon right now.

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