Have you heard of the company NeuroSky before? Well, this is the company behind some mind controlled devices in recent memory, and even more recently, Necomimi is one of NeuroSky’s latest products which was introduced in Japan. Basically, this will target cosplayers who want to wear one pair of those cute looking kitten ears, but what makes the Necomimi special is this – it is a mind controlled toy that ought to be a hit among those who love all things about cosplaying.

First launched on an official basis at Comic-Con in San Diego, the Necomimi is actually a headband which will feature brainwave cat ears that will move according to the user’s moods. It will rely on NeuroSky’s ThinkGear technology, enabling Necomimi to provide folks a chance to express their moods in real time, and through fake cat ears to boot. Well, it would have been nice to see a mentally controlled tail appendage to go along with the pair of ears, but I guess that particular idea will just have to be reserved for sometime down the road.

The Necomimi thought controlled cat ears is not too expensive either to own, considering they retail for just $99.95 a pair via select authorized resellers, retail partners and on www.necomimi.com. First becoming popular within the anime and costume circles in Japan due to a viral Youtube video by Neurowear, audiences have for the longest time being waiting for the US launch.

The unveiling of the Necomimi cat ears took place at Comic-Con booth #305, and fans who have been following the Necomimi product will be able to be one of the first in line to demonstrate and purchase the product. There are three emotional states that the Necomimi cat ears are able to create, resulting in cat-like reactive movements which will depict whether you are relaxed or interested at a particular point during the conversation.

Should something interesting catch your attention during the conversation, the ears will shoot straight up. When you are relaxed, the ears will droop, and when both are highly focused and highly relaxed, or “in the zone”, the ears will start to wiggle back and forth.

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