I love technology, In fact you could say its what I live for, or lose sleep over. I spend a tremendous amount of time searching for all kinds of stuff that has what I like to call “cool factor” and while I’ve come across some pretty amazing things, seldom am I as impressed, as when I read about medical advances. After learning about some of the developments in medical tech, I feel like I’m reading a sci fi novel and I love it.

British scientists have discovered a way to grow brain tissue by reprogramming human skin, previously this kind of “manufacture” was possible only by means of embryonic cells, which carried with it moral and ethical concerns and subsequently slowed the availability of both the necessary cells, and appropriate funding for further study. The ability to grow this tissue from skin, has so many wonderful implications, like recreating brain disease for further study, drug testing, treatments for Alzheimers, stroke, epilepsy or Parkinsons? I can dream can’t I?

Imagine the ability of scientists to actually watch the development of a disease, and follow treatments designed to stop the diseases progression. Ultimately they may be able to watch brain development and study the processes that cause things to go awry. Autism? Learning disabilites? Will it one day be possible to repair damaged areas of the brain? It is discoveries like this, that make me wish that I could only live long enough to see just what we humans will accomplish someday.

See? Amazing right? My Grandma had Parkinsons disease. I knew what it was like, and I hope this fantastic development can eventually help millions of people fighting with MS or neuro-degenerative diseases or recovering from a stroke, or head injury. This would truly have some wicked “cool factor” am I right? and if they have any leftovers, I have plenty of room up there….


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