The sun is shining brightly on the outside, and just what the heck are you doing sitting all cooped up in your living room, keeping your fingers crossed that the PlayStation Network connection would be restored so that you can get back to your game of Portal 2? Why not take a good look around you, and bring your kid (or little brother) outside to have some time of bonding and fun?

We’re talking about using the Nerf Dart Tag 2 Player Set, where it allows you to experience a whole lot more playing time compared to reloading. With a couple of high capacity rapid fire blasters, you will also find that this £39.99 set comes with a couple of redesigned vests, another 2 sets of vision gear and 20 darts to go along with the situation.

Heck, anyone who hasn’t had a go with Nerf might as well get this as a starter pack – who knows, you might just get all addicted to it?

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