Technology, especially in the forms of computers and Internet, have really revolutionized business operations across many industries. Companies like yours rely on network IT, software and hardware to connect to clients, customers and other businesses. The need for cyber security is ever-present to protect data, defend against attacks from hackers and block transmission of malware and viruses. Your partners, stakeholders and customers trust you to guard their sensitive information from being stolen. It’s important that you have a network security insurance policy to protect your business from claims-related risks.

Protecting Your Business

Lawsuits and claims based on data breaches and theft of personal information can threaten the financial health of your business. A Cyber/Privacy & Network Security Liability protection provides coverage for expense related to these issues:

  • Network security
  • Privacy breaches
  • Network asset protection
  • Penalties related to privacy rule violations
  • Multimedia, as it relates to intellectual property, plagiarism and more

Even costs associated with business interruption due to network and/or computer outages can be covered with the right policy.

Beefing Up Security

Having a security plan that includes offsite backup, malware/virus protection and other defenses is important to your operations. Beef up that plan with a policy that helps cover losses, damages and claims related to improper use of sensitive data. Find an insurer who can tailor a plan to your operational requirements.