As a child, one of the first “extreme” things that we try is the swing. Not only do we get the rush of a controlled fall, but the backwards rush as well.

We really should never grow out of the swing, but they don’t make swingsets for adults. If you are looking for the thrill of the swing as an adult, you might want to check out A.J. Hackett Bungy’s Nevis Swing.

This particular swing is in New Zealand, and it has a 300 meter arc with 70-meter free fall. As you can see in the attached video after the jump, it is made for canyons and cliffs.

As you can see, the swing isn’t something that hangs off of a tree branch or metal pole. You don’t start it up by pumping your legs either.

Instead, you have to go to this bridge and mount it at the top of its 300-meter arc. Not the traditional way of doing a swing, but it will work.

I’m not certain if I would be willing to try this, but then again, I am nowhere near New Zealand. Perhaps I would give it a try, but I am sure that it isn’t free. I would imagine that you have to have your insurance forms filled out as well.


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