Today, our insurance company is coming out to inspect our home, they asked me on the phone yesterday about what the contents of the home should be insured for and, as I looked around I thought how much money IS all this garbage I’ve collected over the years worth? it hit me, this is a huge project… I’ve got a lot more money invested in “stuff” than I ever imagined…

Well, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners has got something that will certainly help, myHOME, a brand new iPhone application that lets its users quickly and easily photograph and capture images, descriptions, bar codes and serial numbers, and then store them electronically for safekeeping. The app organizes information room by room, and even creates back-up files for e-mail sharing.  So as I look around my house and realize all the things I would never have remembered I even had, I have an easy way to make sure these possessions are documented and fully protected.

When choosing homeowners insurance, it’s pretty common for folks to care more about the value of the home than about their possessions inside, in fact when disaster strikes, they get only about half of what their stuff was actually worth. I can see now, that it’s important to recognize all the “stuff” in your home that warrants special protection. Insurable items do not only include luxury items like jewelry, art and electronics, but also fun purchases like *gasp* my husbands golfclubs and sports collectables. It would be a real shame if those disappeared.

So I guess I’m happy to keep my stuff, it would honestly be too much work to replace it, but I learned something else too… I really gotta dust more.

Get your free myHOME app for iPhone® users by visiting the iTunes App Store or searching ‘NAIC’ in the app store from your iPhone.



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