NFL Player Thinks Football Stadiums Are Too Quiet Because Everybody Is Playing with Their iPadsNew York Jets linebacker Bart Scott has a notorious big mouth which sometimes causes him to spew crazytalk. But is saying the MetLife Stadium (AKA the old New Meadowlands Stadium) is too quiet because people are always on their iPads crazy? Not exactly!

Here’s what the vocal leader of the Jets defense said in full:

“I think the last stadium was a lot louder and maybe some of the die-hard fans can’t afford tickets any more. We have to challenge the people that’s in the stadium now to get off their iPads and tweets and represent the stadium and get loud and make it a home-field advantage for us.”

I think he’s right…well aside from the iPad part, who brings their iPad to a football game? Please don’t do that. But I remember when I used to go to stadiums pre-Twitter and pre-iPhone, I did something I don’t do anymore: I just paid attention to the game. Now? My phones out, I’m checking fantasy scores, I’m scanning Twitter to see what’s happening elsewhere, I’m refreshing scores of other games, I’m multitasking because you know what? Watching a football game live means there’s A LOT of dead time. I don’t like dead time.

So fine, I’m guilty of not paying as close attention to the games these days. Does that make me less of a fan? Maybe but what do you want me to do? Check my iPhone at the gate? I rather just watch the game at home in beautiful HD then! [NY Daily News, Image Credit:]

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