I love all my iDevices and media players and Smartphones, I really do. If I am being honest though, there are a few things (in my world at least) that being plugged in should get us… like being able to watch TV. You would think that someone, somewhere could come up with a way that I could watch my favorite shows without being charged per episode or having to do all this downloading and converting. So whats a girl to do?

Well, NimbleTV has just announced a game changing new subscription-based TV platform that, for the first time, will enable customers to access all of their television from anywhere in the world, on any device. Take a breath, you read it right…customers will actually access their existing subscription TV service using the new NimbleTV cloud-based software and now, they can watch their TV- wherever they are.

Nimble TV has nearly unlimited recording capabilities and it also has a built-in social features that enables customers to easily follow and record what their friends like to watch on TV. The service is a global platform and is stating out with TV offerings from the U.S. and India, and then it will roll out to other countries.

First, you need to get set up with a subscription TV provider that NimbleTV supports, just so you understand, you are watching the TV you have already paid for, this should be a win-win for everyone (and hopefully avoid the nasty unpleasantness of  lawsuits). In addition to local coverage, NimbleTV will include all your cable channels, depending on which packages you have selected.

The service has more than 10,000 hours of digital recording. There is no box to buy or equipment to set up and we can sign up as Beta testers starting today.  So head on over to NimbleTV.com to watch a short video or sign up to be a tester. This could be the start of something big! No word yet on monthly cost, the buzz is only around 20 bucks.

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