Ever dropped your phone or e-reader? You are in an elite club if you have not. Personally, I would have to say JFK airport was my worst. I was, typing on the escalator when imbalance took over and wham! There went the smartphone, tumbling down the escalator like a slinky. Yes, expletives followed.

Face it, technology is cool but we have our klutzy tendencies. FLYGRIP is a device that we should all check out to help preserve our devices.  FLYGRIP’s basic principle is to extend your reach while helping secure your phone or e-reader at the same time. A spring loaded clip securely adheres to your device, or case. It leaves ample room to comfortably insert a couple fingers. So when reaching for your keyboard on your phone you get extra reach for your thumb. Or enough reach to easily navigate your e-reader. Not to mention the massive increase in confidence, knowing that your device won’t go tumbling. And use FLYGRIP as a landscape or portrait stand when you need both hands. Eight colors are available too so you can coordinate your look.

For $29.99, FLYGRIP provides peace of mind against “the drops.”

Props to thenextweb.com for the product review.

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