For those that need some protection from natural disasters, you might want to consider the Noah Disaster Shelter.

I think the product is well-named, but it isn’t an ark capable of holding two of every animal on Earth. It can hold about four people. Apparently, there is a pole in the middle to hold onto, and there are pillows to keep one safe. I don’t have any word if there are any seat belts, but there should be.

The idea is that you and three others get inside this thing, and it bobs to the top after the tsunami, earthquake, or flood goes over. I am assuming that once the big yellow ball bobs to the top, you can call for a helicopter to come pick you up.

It is created by New CosmoPower, and it will cost about $3,900. If you live in a house of five people, then you will have to decide who has to stay behind. Oh, you don’t want to have to play that game. You had better get two.

Also, you might want to bring a deck of cards, because you might be in for a long wait until the disaster passes. Of course, if this ball is in the heart of a natural disaster, then you might end up feeling like you are in a pinball.


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