We do know that folks are working on flexible displays already at the moment (and have been for quite some time, actually), but they are not quite ready for prime time action just yet. Well, one good thing about concepts is the fact that the rules of reality and physics can be bent – without having to worry about cost. Some concepts tdo make it to reality from time to time though, and with Nokia, they have managed to come up with the Kinectic bendy phone which allows you to twist it, squeeze it, and flex it. Could it really be the shape of things to come?

The recently concluded Nokia World 2011 saw Tapani Jokinen, Head of Design, Technology Insights, show off what could very well be the future – the Kinectic bendy phone. The name itself gives the game away, where you will be able to control this unique smartphone not through a touchscreen user interface like what we’re so used to, but rather, by bending and twisting it – heck, even squeezing it if it is required.

It seems that those who have given it a go found it rather difficult to put down, and I would not think otherwise. Some say that this is one of the most tactile gadget that they have ever put their hands on, and I am quite sure that should the Kinectic handset make it big in real life, most folks will be walking around while flexing and curving their phones – instead of lovingly letting their fingers dance all over the screen like how we’re used to.

You twist the phone to scroll through your files, while twisting will control the speed. It seems that the more you twist, the faster you scroll. Should you, in your enthusiasm, go too far, then all you need to do is twist back slowly until the file or contact you want is highlighted.

Want to answer a call? Simple – just hold it to your ear and squeeze to answer. It could hit the market in as early as three years though. Will you be lining up for one of these?

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