Not That the World's Candy Corn Population Needs Bolstering, But Here's How to Make Your OwnLouis Black had a joke once about candy corn that’s hilarious, and it went something like this: In 1911 they made tons of candy corn and most it is still around today.

Yeah, it’s funnier when he tells it.

Anyway, Having consumed quite a bit of candy corn myself (and not died) over the years I know that the joke is only joke, of course, but this DIY video about that nostalgic, sweet-tooth confectionary Halloween staple confirmed it. People are actually out there, right now, creating their own candy corn from scratch. What a perfect little DIY video for the week before Halloween.

The video is a year old, and past perfect, but candy corn’s been around for far longer and Halloween is coming very soon. Didja know the orange and white treats have been around in one form or another since the 1880s? It has. Some of the stuff in your cubbard might actually be from then. It just sticks around, like edible herpes. [MAKE]

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