Nothing Says "I Love America" Like a Watch Made From the Statue Of LibertyYou can cover yourself from head to toe in red, white, and blue today, but nothing will demonstrate your national pride like wearing Romain Jerome’s latest timekeeping creation. Because the Liberty-DNA was actually made with particles from the Statue of Liberty.

Romain Jerome actually has a long history of incorporating exotic materials into its expensive watches. Including volcanic ash, metal from the Titanic, and even dinosaur bones. And while it’s not like they went and snipped a piece off the Statue of Liberty’s robes, they did melt down a chunk of metal from the massive tribute to freedom—probably from its inner support structure.

Nothing Says "I Love America" Like a Watch Made From the Statue Of Liberty The Liberty-DNA watch also incorporates other design elements that reflect Lady Liberty, including 12 spikes on its bronze bezel reminiscent of her famous crown, and on the back you’ll find the flame from her torch illuminating the stars and stripes from the US flag. Only 125 pieces are being made, which probably means this is going to be one incredibly expensive way to show how much you love your country. [Romain Jerome via Born Rich]

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