Nvidia's GeForce GTX 690 Is Its Face-Meltingest Video Card YetBe still, my spec-hungry heart. Nvidia’s latest and greatest is a monster in a beautiful body. Dual-GPUs, 28nm Kepler architecture, 3,072 CUDA parallel processing cores, ARRGH ARRGH ARRRRRGH! This beast basically doubles the performance of the already awesome GTX 680.

Nvidia's GeForce GTX 690 Is Its Face-Meltingest Video Card YetBut what’s on the outside counts, too. Trivalent chromium-plated aluminum, a new magnesium alloy fan housing, nickel-plated fins, dual vapor chambers, and a fan that spins at 3,000rpm. It’s almost a shame to bury something this beautiful deep inside your computer where you can’t see it. Oh, and if you really want to go nuts you can install two GeForce GTX 690s in your PC in Quad SLI Mode, giving you four GPUs working in unison.

The GTX 690 will be available starting May 3rd for $1,000. That’s mighty steep, but if you want your head-shots to be more headshottier, this is some serious kit. [Nvidia via PC Mag]

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