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NY Lawmakers Want Teen Sexting Reeducation ProgramSome lawmakers in New York have finally decided that prosecuting teens under child pornography laws for sexting is ridiculous, and on Friday proposed the “Cyber Crime Youth Rescue Act” — which, if passed, would create a “educational reform program” to teach teens about the dangers of sexting.

Members of the State Assembly want kids to realize that putting nude pictures of themselves out in public isn’t a great idea, and to understand the awesome, lasting power of a Google image search. They also want kids to know that sending cock shots to a high school sweetheart is not the best way to pursue a lasting relationship:

The program would teach children the potential legal consequences for sharing sexually suggestive or explicit images. And it would lay out the impact that such graphic materials could have on their relationships and career. And it would also stress to them “the nearly unlimited ability of an infinite audience to utilize the Internet search for and replicate materials.”

[WSJ; image via Shutterstock]

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