When it comes to listening to your favorite musical tracks, it can be quite a personal affair. Some folks feel that their prefer those gaudy looking, over the ear headphones, while others prefer diminutive earbuds that are more in line with their character and personality. It really depends at the end of the day, on your budget as well as listening habits, but one thing’s for sure – if you want to retreat into an aural oasis without having anything else disturbing you from the outside, you might want to check out the NYRIUS NAEB500 noise isolating earphones instead.

After all, isolating outside noise is always the first step to making sure that you hear the musical track or song the way the artist originally wanted you to – sans distractions from the outside world. Not only that, it might even help you sleep better especially when you’re tuning in to a relaxing track while you’re on a plane or a bus, as the rumbling of the engine from the outside will be unable to jar you awake suddenly. Let us take a look at what the NYRIUS NAEB500 noise isolating earphones will be able to offer right after the jump.

More often than not, earphones do offer convenience and portability, but too often the tradeoff is diminished sound quality – not so with the NYRIUS NAEB500 noise isolating earphones though, where it was specially designed by NYRIUS to eliminate sound degradation, resulting in an enhanced audio experience thanks to an outstanding speaker design. According to Deepak Jain, Managing Director of CWD, “With these earphones you will hear every nuance of every instrument. The enriched deep bass accompanies crystal clear highs and a warm midrange resulting in optimal full-range sound.”

Only premium components will make their way to the Nyrius NAEB500 Earphones so that your ears can experience a wider frequency response and the highest-quality audio reproduction. With a solid metal housing that will do their bit in amplifying the sound of the earphone speaker which will further prevent vibrations and distortion, this means you get to enjoy a greater listening experience. The NYRIUS NAEB500 earpiece was specially designed to come with a 45-degree angle in order to focus on delivering pure sound to the eardrum.

Interestingly enough, the NYRIUS NAEB500 Earphones isn’t going to bust a hole in your pockets either, considering how it retails for just $29.99 per pair.

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