If you are one who loves to be different, then surely it would reflect in your sense of fashion, not to mention decorative taste back home in terms of furniture and household accessories. Well, the bathroom is slightly trickier to furnish, although to come up with a tastefully done design is not too difficult. Here is something that you might want to consider if you love to stand out from the rest of the mundane crowd – the Off The Hook Shower Head.

Yes, the name of this household accessory itself gives the game away. With the Off The Hook Shower Head, it looks like a standard issue house phone receiver, except that on one end of it lies a universal shower fitting instead of that tangled cord which land lines are famous for. You can start to carry out imaginary conversations with yourself, and perhaps practice venting your frustrations on your boss by speaking, nay, screaming into it – while the tap is turned off, of course. We would not want the police to come breaking down on your bathroom door just because you drowned yourself by accident, do we?

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