What you are seeing here is an OLED “geo-cosmos” display at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo.

It is designed to show images of the Earth taken from a meteorological satellite, along with all the clouds and storm fronts. It is about six-meters around, and it has a resolution of about 10 million pixels across 103,620 PMOLED panels, each measuring 96 square millimeters.

The OLED globe will be unveiled on June 11th, and will hang on the ceiling. I honestly wish that I was going to be in Japan at this time, just so I could see this thing. It looks like something that an evil overlord would have hanging on his headquarters ceiling like a disco ball.

Most movie villains have a giant flatscreen with the view of the globe in front of them, which is highly inefficient. After all, we all know that those flat maps of the Earth blow up Greenland so it is about five times the size of Mexico rather than the size of Mexico.

I wonder if Google has something like this for when they want to do some cool close-ups of Google Earth. Either way, it would be pretty cool to have a live view of the Earth, in 3D.


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