An alarm clock is an alarm clock, right? Apparently not – and to call something the Omnipotent Alarm Clock might be a little bit pretentious, don’t you think so? Let us see whether this device is capable of living up to its name. For starters, the basic function would be to wake you up no matter the cost, so it had better be armed well enough to deliver as promised.

If you think that your smartphone’s alarm clock gets the job done, the Omnipotent Alarm Clock does many times better. It has 21 alarms (beat that!) with 20 radio preset stations just in case you need some variety during your everyday morning wake up call. Apart from that, you can even adjust the snooze interval – perfect, as there is a little bit of something for everybody else.

The clock itself boasts 14 alarms that can be set to go off at two different times each day, making it a ‘one size fits all’ solution – that is, so that folks with different morning schedules can rely on a single device. If you choose, you can always link your alarm to a preset AM/FM radio station or a buzzer, so that the person will be able to wake up to his/her preferred sound. As for the snooze button, it offers anywhere from one to 30 minutes of extended sleep, where the snooze duration can even be set to automatically reduce by 50% each time the button is pressed – so that stubborn sleepers will rise. Touted to ship from August 18th onwards, the Omnipotent Alarm Clock can be yours for $59.95.

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