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Only You Can Help Combat America's Sexting EpidemicOnly You Can Help Combat America's Sexting Epidemic What is it with America’s powerful men? In addition to Anthony Weiner, at least three other official-type dudes have become embroiled in sexting scandals in the last week alone! All powerful men should watch Gawker’s NSFW anti-sexting PSA, above.

In addition to Weiner—and the politicians and celebrities who have been down this path (several of whom can be seen in the video above)—in recent days there was Kenneth Twiddy, a Nevada Highway Patrol sergeant, who’s taking legal action after he was fired for sexting a subordinate:

“Several of these text messages included photographs of Twiddy’s naked and erect penis, taken by him on the camera in his cellphone, and taken in and transmitted from Twiddy’s workplace, a restroom in the NHP Southern Command headquarters, all while Twiddy was on duty,” a state hearing officer wrote in a report on Twiddy’s firing.

Then there’s the Los Angeles International Airport official, Michael Molina, who resigned from his $192,400/year job after allegations that he sent sexy texts on his official phone.

And don’t forget about Saratoga Springs, NY police chief Christopher Cole, who admitted to sexting while on duty, to his girlfriend. Which doesn’t really seem like that big of a deal unless he was actually in the middle of a shootout with a drug dealer when he dropped his trousers and took a picture of of his penis.

Seems like we need to educate our powerful men about the dangers of sexting. Maybe that could be Anthony Weiner’s post-Congress career, traveling the nation with cheesy informational videos about the perils of sending out dong shots.


Think Before You Text (Censored, safe for work version) [YouTube]

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