I suppose that the game of Operation needs no introduction. That game where players attempt to pluck out plastic things and avoid a buzzer has now been given a Star Wars look.

It is appropriate that Hasbro has put this out, as they have the rights to Operation and Star Wars toys. For some odd reason, R2-D2 is on the slab, and it would appear that C3PO is the surgeon. In all honesty, I think both of the droids sustained equal amounts of injury in the Star Wars series. I suppose this is why the players can pull things out of C3PO as well.

You should see the things that you can pull out of this thing, which include a hiccuping hologram, a bad motivator, an overweight blob of grease, and other Star Wars references. For example, there is a lodged lightsaber that would have seriously caused some trouble in Return of the Jedi if R2-D2 didn’t launch it at Luke Skywalker in time.

In case you are wondering, this isn’t the first time that Operation has had a makeover. We already covered the Hulk version, and I believe Iron Man also received its own version, based on that scene where Tony Stark removes his old miniature arc reactor.


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