These days, going green is not enough – if you truly want to live out the green and healthy lifestyle, you will also need to go organic. With the $399.95 Organic Air Scrubbing Purifier, you can be sure that psychologically, you will feel as though what you are breathing is top notch quality air, as though you were high up on the Swiss Alps and away from all the pollution, noise and dust of the city. This Organic Air Scrubbing Purifier claims to eliminate 99.9% of all pollutants including VOCs while reducing odors.

The air purifier is capable of creating a neutral ambient air which will attract positively and negatively charged airborne impurities, drawing them straight into the unit with a fan, while destroying them with a mixture of water and an organic enzyme. It works on a similar principle to that of yogurt cultures, where the enzyme will break down all carbon bonds in order to destroy any organic matter, ranging from mold to viruses, and pet dander. You might think it is a rather expensive outlay at the moment, but what is the price that you are willing to put on your health, as well as that of your family’s?

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