OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion: Looking More iOS-Like Than EverSeemingly out of nowhere, Mountain Lion, the next version of the Apple’s OS X operating system, is formally in the works and will be on our computers later this summer. Most intriguing is that it will further blur the lines between iOS and OS X, bringing apps like Messages, Notes, Reminders along with utilties such as Notification Center and—FINALLY—the system-wide integration of AirPlay.

Not only do these new apps behave the same as their iOS analogs, but they seamlessly sync with those apps as well. Messages, which will completely replace iChat, allows you to trade iMessages back and forth with those on their iOS device (but don’t worry, it’ll still support AIM, Gtalk, etc.). Write down a few notes on the mobile Notes app, and they’ll appear on your desktop. And from the looks of things, Notification Center is looking to completely and utterly upstage Growl, which has served as the de facto OS X notification framework for years.

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