Your iPad 2 is one of your more cherished devices, so why not go the extra mile to make sure it is offered adequate protection? After all, since you are using an Apple product, it would also make sense to have something Apple-related to protect it. The £19.99 Padintosh Case for iPad 2 would fit the bill nicely, where it will not only help keep your iPad 2 safe from knocks, bumps as well as the occasional drop, it also instantly brings you back in time into the early days of Apple. We are talking about 1984 here, as the Padintosh Case for iPad 2 certainly looks extremely similar to Apple’s groundbreaking Macintosh computer of yore.

There is a clip on case that makes it perfect to protect your tablet as it is in transit, while ensuring it remains free from scuffs and knocks. Not only that, it will play nice with the Smart Cover, and when the situation calls for it, you are able to prop it up so that you can look as though you are happily tapping away on a classic from another era.

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